New Academic Year, new Academic Crisis Line format!

Academic Crisis Line got a little make-over and I hope you like it.

First, I migrated the blog to it’s own domain to keep my little pet peeve separate from my professional website. I gave it better category tags for improved navigation

But there will also be some changes in the format of the blog itself. Instead of having a scheduled live session, I will break the video-blog into 2 parts. The first one will be a mini tutorial about a certain topic. Then you get 2 weeks to submit discussion points and questions via various channels (Twitter, email, blog and video comments, or hunting me down in person). In a scheduled Ask Me Anything session, I will try to address all questions and points raised by you and you can live chat with me and my guests.

Sounds good? I don’t know yet either, but let’s give it a try!


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Dr Franziska Hartung

Cognitive neuroscientist researching how brains create meaning.

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